#1 An investment in their future is an investment in yours!


 We all have aspirations to change the world and quite often, they remain just that. But what if the power to change the world, really was in your hands? What if, through a company dedicated to the future health of our children, you could really make a difference?

 At the Mobile Health Clinics Foundation, we believe that providing children with adequate health education and necessary health screenings ensures a better future. One screening at a time, we’re equipping school kids to reach their full potential.

Our simple vision “Their Health Our Future”, is what drives us. Our aim is to ensure that through our mobile health screenings and health education, we are able to positively affect the lives of at least 1 million children.

 Determining health barriers to learning is important. Some might consider a child who performs badly at school to be uninterested or problematic, when in actual fact, their eyesight may be less than desirable. With no access to health screenings, this problem will remain undetected and the consequences will affect the child’s future.

 For this and many more reasons, providing healthcare education and much-needed screenings at school level leads to early detection and ultimately, prevention and a successful future.

 Through our organisation and the utilisation of mobile clinics, we are able to sponsor primary healthcare, dental, visual and audio screenings resulting in assessment, development and corrective procedures.

 An investment into their future is an investment in ours and we want you to get involved. Read our next edition where we’ll answer those burning questions as to how, why and what you need to do to take a step in changing lives.