#2 Changing lives, one stop at a time!


At the Mobile Health Clinics Foundation, our aim is simple. With your help, we invest in the future by investing in the healthcare of children.

Did you know that South Africa has a population of over 60 million people, 15% of those live in rural communities (9 million)? Within South Africa’s rural school landscape, there are over 11 000 rural schools. Schools who have no access to primary healthcare, screenings or health education. This is due to various economic and socio-economic factors that affect most of SA’s impoverished communities.

Assuming that the 11 000 rural schools had an average of 4- to 500 children per school, our aim to assist 1 Million school children in South Africa. That means 24% of all children with little or no access to dental, visual or audio health screenings or treatment.

At MHC, we provide quality healthcare where it matters. At an early-enough age to change the future. Our fully-equipped Mobile Health Clinics, manned by experienced and compassionate professionals change lives.

Our services extend way beyond impoverished communities. As part of a ‘curriculum” we ‘force’ kids to have much-needed assessments and screenings, often with astonishing consequences. Thankfully, these lead to live-changing treatments that would otherwise have gone undetected.

Through early detection and with the help of your company, we can make a real difference. Turn-key solutions offer treatment that includes assessment, education and development