Mobile Health Clinics (MHC) is a national NPO formed in 2019 that operates mobile health clinics that help school children in no-fee schools across South Africa in disadvantaged communities that identify and treat health barriers to learning. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a school health programme as a combination of services ensuring the physical, mental and social well-being of learners so as to optimise their learning capabilities.


Mobile clinics are a unique model of health care service conceptualized to enhance the access to healthcare in rural and remote communities of South Africa.


MHC uses mobile clinics to support the South African Integrated School Health Policy that aims to detect easily correctable health impairments that may impact learning.


Our sole aim is to improve access to quality healthcare and educational support for children in poor communities. More than 8 935 000 children depend on public healthcare for their health needs and the current Integrated School Health Program teams are under resourced to cover the required children.


We believe that every child in South Africa deserves access to quality education and healthcare.