STEM Initiatives: Our specialised lab equipment.

As a value-added service to our School Health Programme, we renovate equip Maths, Science & Technology laboratories in the schools we work with. We believe a solid M.S.T (maths, science & technology) base is imperative for developing learners with interdisciplinary skills that can help them secure their future.


The mobile teacher’s unit is a portable, all-in-one tool for Science lessons, with lockable castors for stability. With a melamine finished top, it’s easy to clean and has a built-in stainless-steel sink with a hand pump for water. The unit includes storage space for a gas cylinder which is connected to an outlet on the countertop. It also features shelves with 6 storage trays and lockable doors. The trays hold the teachers’ apparatus for the multiple subjects (Mathematics, Science and Technology)


The mobile learner’s lab is an all-in-one furniture item for a Science classroom. One unit accommodates 4 learners. A pump system allows for water to be pumped by hand to a sink which drains into a plastic container. A gas cylinder is situated on a shelf inside the unit.


The solid, simple two seater desk is great for general classroom use as well as for use within the Science and Technology learning environment. The legs can be unbolted and folded back for easy storage or transport.